30 May 2012

Trio of Glyder Fawr, Glyder Fach & Tryfan

Location - Snowdonia National Park
Height - 3150ft
Time - 7hrs  approx
Distance - Approx 8 miles
Conditions - Hot sun, high wind, beautiful day!
Walking with - DK

It was a day like any other day on the road to Wales.  6.30am start and giddy as a kipper as what lay ahead had been anticipated for weeks.  Tryfan and the Glyders.  Peaks that we’d look at from afar whilst enjoying other walks knowing that one day we’d be up there and today was that day. 

Setting off up the path behind Idwal Cottage - Sun shining all the way!

Beautiful views

Say cheese

Llyn Idwal and the Idwal slabs.  Plenty climbers on there today.


The sun bearing down.....good job we've got 6 frozen bottles of water packed!

Tryfan peeking through with the Carneddau in the background.

A lovely gully scramble!

Brilliant stuff!

Y Gribyn ridge and the Carneddau again...with Tryfan

Yr Garn - for another day!

Next stop Glyder Fach.......

Back down from where we'd come......

Looking over to the Snowdon range.....

The Castell y Gwynt- impressive!

Glyder Fach is one of the few mountains that in order to reach the summit you have to use your hands and feet.  It was so much fun getting up there!

Cantilever capers!

The top of Bristly Scree - brace yourselves!

Looking back up, what a descent!

Next stop Tryfan - at this angle it looks less intimidating (ha!)

The land of Oz?

Onwards and upwards, heading for the 3rd 3000 of the day and still smiling!

Stunning scenery!

More rocks - good job I adore rocks!

Nearly at the top - Hurrah!

Only a few more rocks to navigate and we're there!

Adam & Eve but too windy to jump - sadly :-( 

What goes up, must come down......

A bit of respite on the grassy plateau.....

One last look at the end of the day of Tryfan....

Brilliant walk, one of the best and 3 peaks I'll do again, and again, and again........magnificent!