29 March 2014

Beinn Narnain and the swirling mist !

Up in Scotland for the weekend meant we got a chance to spend a Saturday conquering a few more Munros and Arrochar was our destination with Beinn Narnain, Beinnn Ime & if we had time, the Cobber in mind.

Arriving in the car park at Loch Long early doors it was a tad claggy but the forecast said it would come good later on in day.  So we set off up the path, through the forest, leaving the village of Arrochar behind.
 The mist was still clinging to the day and the first part of the ascent was pretty steep and pretty rocky which suits me to a tee.
 It wasn't long before we left the rocks and grass and ventured into a new land of snow and ice.   Its always exciting to be in and amongst the snow on a mountain because it sharpens your mind and suddenly there are many more things to be taken into consideration, things that could potentially save your life.

Today the main problem that we encountered was the lack of visibility.  Cornices, ledges and snow fields are tricky enough when you can see what you're dealing with but without that then its a whole other ball game.

We took our time and kept checking our bearings to make sure we were on the right path.  Maps and compass's are virtually redundant when you cant establish any geographical features around you to plot yourself but through a series of deduction and common sense we finally made our way to the top.  

It was here we encountered Callum,  a young lad from Glasgow who like ourselves, hadnt anticipated such a white out and asked if he could walk with us up and over the mountain and down the other side.  So now we were 3.

We finally made it to the top with Callum (our new wee friend from Glasgow) taking our picture, thanks Callum.

Time to get off the mountain and by all accounts the descent was much gentler than the ascent and that was music to my ears.  Owing to the time and the energy used in getting to the summit we decided that perhaps we'd give Beinn Ime a miss, it would still be there another day.

So off to find the path down.   Where was it?  Right? Left? The map showed it straight ahead but the mist and fog made it impossible to determine what exactly was straight ahead.  Before long and after consulting with the compass we had a few attempts at locating the path we heard voices and the voices seemed to be getting closer which meant possibly they could be ascending on the path and if that was the case we could use their footprints to descend. 

Luckily that was the case and before long we were heading downwards on a lovely gentle sweeping path.   Down through the snow line, into bog city and just as we reached the end of the path the sun came out and my prediction of having my sunglasses on at least during part of the day came true........surprisingly.
An eventful day but an incredible achieving.  Pushing ourselves and our limits and skating that fine line between utter fear and absolute enjoyment.......thrilling stuff ! 

23 March 2014

Blackstone Edge and the Aiggin Stone

Today brought us over to Littleborough and Hollinsworth Lake for a quick trip up to Blackstone Edge.  Following the well marked route up and through the golf course we were soon on the "thought to be" Roman Road but more likely is just a traders path from a long time ago.
At the top of the path is the Aiggin Stone which stands as a way marker for long ago traders.  At this point we took a sharp right over towards the black stones of Blackstone Edge.
The light was particularly good and the sky littered with scattered cloud.  The views stretched all the way to Pendle Hill and we were lucky to miss most of the rain / hail showers that we could see circling us.
 It was a bit windy on the edge but the obligatory rock pictures had to be taken!

 Absolutely beautiful up there today.
 The trig point has to be my most fav trig in all the UK or at least the most fav of the ones I've visited so far. How can you argue with a view like this?

 All too soon it was time to come down but we'd had a good walk in a great location.

 A nice tipply by Hollingsworth Lake to end the day, perfect x

16 March 2014

Boulsworth Hill & Wycoller

It was a dreary misty day but the cobwebs needed clearing and the legs needed another workout.  So off we went out early doors to Boulsworth Hill.
It was a pleasant walk up, the green shoots starting to appear letting us know that winter is leaving and spring is on its way.
 It was a boggy but pleasant walk up Boulsworth Hill but the sun wasnt playing out today and the mist seemed to be rolling in - oh joy!

Coupled with the fact that it was a bit boggy made it a bit of a slog.  The wind was blowing hard but smiles were still on our faces.  You cant really call this bog - Kinder was bog, this was baby bog lol.

 As the mist rolled in the views disappeared but it was still nice to sit for a moment and enjoy the surroundings.
 We didn't hang around long at the top as it was cold, windy and a bit drizzly!

 Back down on solid ground and a wander through Wycoller Country Park and then back to the car which was parked in Trawden.
Lovely day out, cobwebs blown, legs stretched, calories burned - all good stuff !

15 March 2014

Whitby to Robin Hoods Bay walk

Today took us over to the East coast as promise of a dry day with some sun proved popular.   We arrived in Whitby just before lunchtime, parked the car and headed up towards the abbey to start our walk on the Cleveland way.
 The wind was quite strong on the edge of the path but the quicker we walked the warmer we were and there was a chance, a small chance that the sun may come out at some point.

 Further along the path we went past the lighthouse and 2 lovely children who said hello as we passed.  I wonder what its like at night when the coast is dark apart from the long range glowing of this lighthouse.  Lovely spot.
 My fav picture of the bunch and showing the coastal path - The Cleveland Way and the best bit, the sun is finally coming out, hurrah!
 Finally 6.5 miles later we make it into Robin Hood Bay with its quirky little streets and narrow passageways. Old fishermens houses all painted white and bright colours and the best fish and chips outside of Keswick.  Yum, yum!

What a superb day.  A lovely but bracing walk along the coastal path and the funniest moment having spent all our change on fish and chips was wondering (whilst there are no cash points in Robin Hood Bay) how we were going to get change for the bus back to Whitby.   Cashback was the answer so armed with Chilli Jam and a Gingerbread we hadnt planned to buy we had the change we needed for our bus fare back to the car.

I wonder where our next adventure will take us. 

09 March 2014

Pen y Ghent

Another local hill to have a wander up as the weather in the Lakes was just not playing ball.  A misty murky day but the forecast said dry!

Love this view normally but the cloud spoiled it today!
Busy path today

 No views on top and it was all over too quick, homeward bound
  But not before catching this cheeky chappie.