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28 June 2014

On yer Bike !

This weekends adventure took us out on our bikes.  The weather was so so and we hoped for a dry afternoon for a long cycle along the canal.  My bike, being fairly new, was still new to me and it would be good practice to get a hang of the gears etc.

A short ride through town then the countryside with a few pedally up inclines to get the heart racing and we were at the canal side.  The going was good and there was only a spit in the air suggesting that rain may be on the way but thankfully that wee black cloud shifted fairly rapidly.

There were a few people walking, biking and running along the canal and pleasantries were exchanged with most apart from the odd woman who just wouldnt get out of the way as we passed.  She was pruning her flowers in her garden which happened to back onto the canal tow path and seemed annoyed that anyone would dare to cross in front of her garden.  Going past she was so inistant on not moving I accidentally wobbled a bit and knocked her (albeit gently) with my handlebar.  Grrrrrrr.

The rest of the journey along the path was lovely and reminded me of just what a beautiful area we live in.  There were wild flowers, beautiful canal boats and birds and butterflies.
 After 11 miles or so we stopped for a refreshment and I really felt then that padded cycling shorts really need to be bought as I was beginning to feel the effect of my very new saddle.  The Cross Keys Inn at East Marton was a good stop and after a refreshing drink and some peanuts we were on our way back again.

The soda water and lime that I had seemed to give me an oomph as I found the going much easier going back and before long we were at the end of the canal and making our way through town again towards home.

Great bike ride 22 miles in total with a wee stop for a drink and a lovely afternoon out x