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23 March 2014

Blackstone Edge and the Aiggin Stone

Today brought us over to Littleborough and Hollinsworth Lake for a quick trip up to Blackstone Edge.  Following the well marked route up and through the golf course we were soon on the "thought to be" Roman Road but more likely is just a traders path from a long time ago.
At the top of the path is the Aiggin Stone which stands as a way marker for long ago traders.  At this point we took a sharp right over towards the black stones of Blackstone Edge.
The light was particularly good and the sky littered with scattered cloud.  The views stretched all the way to Pendle Hill and we were lucky to miss most of the rain / hail showers that we could see circling us.
 It was a bit windy on the edge but the obligatory rock pictures had to be taken!

 Absolutely beautiful up there today.
 The trig point has to be my most fav trig in all the UK or at least the most fav of the ones I've visited so far. How can you argue with a view like this?

 All too soon it was time to come down but we'd had a good walk in a great location.

 A nice tipply by Hollingsworth Lake to end the day, perfect x