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25 January 2015

Misty and murky Leighton Moss

It was a misty and murky start to Sunday and had the weather been kinder we'd be back up a big hill but it wasnt the day for trudging up the side of a mountain so we took ourselves off to Leighton Moss.  The hope that it wasnt going to be too foggy by the coast and if the rain stayed off then we might see a wee birdy or 2.

Not much in the way of special birdies but as we walked round to the furthest away hide we were lucky enough to arrive when 3 otters were frolicking around in the water right in front of us.  So special to watch them fish and play.  I did try to get a pic but they really were too far to get a clear shot.
Ducks were in abundance as were the little finches, crows, pheasant and of course robins.  An all round good day in the reedbeds and we'll be back when its a little warmer and less drissly.

Sadly no kingfishers today but hopfully we'll catch one or 2 when we go back.