17 July 2012

Yr Elen, to be or not to be......

Location - Snowdonia National Park
Height - Carnedd LLewelyn (3491 ft), Yr Elen (3156ft)
Time - 6 hrs  approx
Distance - Approx 9 miles
Conditions - Rain, wind, mist, cold !
Walking with - DK  

Finally after 2 previous attempts, Yr Elen was bagged last Saturday. 

Attempt 1, back in April proved difficult as the summit of C Llewelyn was covered in snow and you couldn't even see your hand in front of your face far less any mountain in front of you to climb.......Attempt 1 aborted!

Attempt 2, End June when the weather was supposed to be kinder found us again half way up C Llewelyn with the sinking feeling that the driving rain, low cloud and high winds meant that attempt 2 was going to prove just as disappointing as the previous time and true enough by the time we're reaching the summit of C Llewelyn the winds and driving rain/hail made it tricky to even stand up, breath, speak, walk far less attempt another summit which we couldn't see anyway.  Quick exit!

Attempt 3, Saturday 14th July.  Again up the waterboard road, over to the zig zag path up to the impass between C Llewelyn and pen y helgi du it wasn't looking brilliant with the path ahead obscured by cloud and mist.

At the top of the Waterboard road, ready to tackle the zig zag path.
Here comes the mist/cloud and misery!
Approaching the summit of Llewelyn and true to form its obscured!
The little penguin shrouded in mist yet again....surprise surprise!
Yr Elen's out there somewhere!
A path, a path my kingdom for a path, thank you clouds!
Today we're not climbing for the spectacular views!
Almost at the summit, it just couldn't get any more bleak!
Bleaker still, so yes it can!
Eerie looking down into the gullies!
Not the best summit pic I've ever taken......glad to be there though!
360 degree views - uh huh!
Back down through the clouds to the views we're so used to seeing now!

Finally our wee ghostie mountain that I was convinced didn't exist was bagged.......so I've still technically never seen Elen but stood on her summit........that'll do for me!

Yr Elen does exist - who knew!