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16 March 2014

Boulsworth Hill & Wycoller

It was a dreary misty day but the cobwebs needed clearing and the legs needed another workout.  So off we went out early doors to Boulsworth Hill.
It was a pleasant walk up, the green shoots starting to appear letting us know that winter is leaving and spring is on its way.
 It was a boggy but pleasant walk up Boulsworth Hill but the sun wasnt playing out today and the mist seemed to be rolling in - oh joy!

Coupled with the fact that it was a bit boggy made it a bit of a slog.  The wind was blowing hard but smiles were still on our faces.  You cant really call this bog - Kinder was bog, this was baby bog lol.

 As the mist rolled in the views disappeared but it was still nice to sit for a moment and enjoy the surroundings.
 We didn't hang around long at the top as it was cold, windy and a bit drizzly!

 Back down on solid ground and a wander through Wycoller Country Park and then back to the car which was parked in Trawden.
Lovely day out, cobwebs blown, legs stretched, calories burned - all good stuff !