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15 March 2014

Whitby to Robin Hoods Bay walk

Today took us over to the East coast as promise of a dry day with some sun proved popular.   We arrived in Whitby just before lunchtime, parked the car and headed up towards the abbey to start our walk on the Cleveland way.
 The wind was quite strong on the edge of the path but the quicker we walked the warmer we were and there was a chance, a small chance that the sun may come out at some point.

 Further along the path we went past the lighthouse and 2 lovely children who said hello as we passed.  I wonder what its like at night when the coast is dark apart from the long range glowing of this lighthouse.  Lovely spot.
 My fav picture of the bunch and showing the coastal path - The Cleveland Way and the best bit, the sun is finally coming out, hurrah!
 Finally 6.5 miles later we make it into Robin Hood Bay with its quirky little streets and narrow passageways. Old fishermens houses all painted white and bright colours and the best fish and chips outside of Keswick.  Yum, yum!

What a superb day.  A lovely but bracing walk along the coastal path and the funniest moment having spent all our change on fish and chips was wondering (whilst there are no cash points in Robin Hood Bay) how we were going to get change for the bus back to Whitby.   Cashback was the answer so armed with Chilli Jam and a Gingerbread we hadnt planned to buy we had the change we needed for our bus fare back to the car.

I wonder where our next adventure will take us.