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25 January 2015

Misty and murky Leighton Moss

It was a misty and murky start to Sunday and had the weather been kinder we'd be back up a big hill but it wasnt the day for trudging up the side of a mountain so we took ourselves off to Leighton Moss.  The hope that it wasnt going to be too foggy by the coast and if the rain stayed off then we might see a wee birdy or 2.

Not much in the way of special birdies but as we walked round to the furthest away hide we were lucky enough to arrive when 3 otters were frolicking around in the water right in front of us.  So special to watch them fish and play.  I did try to get a pic but they really were too far to get a clear shot.
Ducks were in abundance as were the little finches, crows, pheasant and of course robins.  An all round good day in the reedbeds and we'll be back when its a little warmer and less drissly.

Sadly no kingfishers today but hopfully we'll catch one or 2 when we go back. 

28 June 2014

On yer Bike !

This weekends adventure took us out on our bikes.  The weather was so so and we hoped for a dry afternoon for a long cycle along the canal.  My bike, being fairly new, was still new to me and it would be good practice to get a hang of the gears etc.

A short ride through town then the countryside with a few pedally up inclines to get the heart racing and we were at the canal side.  The going was good and there was only a spit in the air suggesting that rain may be on the way but thankfully that wee black cloud shifted fairly rapidly.

There were a few people walking, biking and running along the canal and pleasantries were exchanged with most apart from the odd woman who just wouldnt get out of the way as we passed.  She was pruning her flowers in her garden which happened to back onto the canal tow path and seemed annoyed that anyone would dare to cross in front of her garden.  Going past she was so inistant on not moving I accidentally wobbled a bit and knocked her (albeit gently) with my handlebar.  Grrrrrrr.

The rest of the journey along the path was lovely and reminded me of just what a beautiful area we live in.  There were wild flowers, beautiful canal boats and birds and butterflies.
 After 11 miles or so we stopped for a refreshment and I really felt then that padded cycling shorts really need to be bought as I was beginning to feel the effect of my very new saddle.  The Cross Keys Inn at East Marton was a good stop and after a refreshing drink and some peanuts we were on our way back again.

The soda water and lime that I had seemed to give me an oomph as I found the going much easier going back and before long we were at the end of the canal and making our way through town again towards home.

Great bike ride 22 miles in total with a wee stop for a drink and a lovely afternoon out x

23 March 2014

Blackstone Edge and the Aiggin Stone

Today brought us over to Littleborough and Hollinsworth Lake for a quick trip up to Blackstone Edge.  Following the well marked route up and through the golf course we were soon on the "thought to be" Roman Road but more likely is just a traders path from a long time ago.
At the top of the path is the Aiggin Stone which stands as a way marker for long ago traders.  At this point we took a sharp right over towards the black stones of Blackstone Edge.
The light was particularly good and the sky littered with scattered cloud.  The views stretched all the way to Pendle Hill and we were lucky to miss most of the rain / hail showers that we could see circling us.
 It was a bit windy on the edge but the obligatory rock pictures had to be taken!

 Absolutely beautiful up there today.
 The trig point has to be my most fav trig in all the UK or at least the most fav of the ones I've visited so far. How can you argue with a view like this?

 All too soon it was time to come down but we'd had a good walk in a great location.

 A nice tipply by Hollingsworth Lake to end the day, perfect x

16 March 2014

Boulsworth Hill & Wycoller

It was a dreary misty day but the cobwebs needed clearing and the legs needed another workout.  So off we went out early doors to Boulsworth Hill.
It was a pleasant walk up, the green shoots starting to appear letting us know that winter is leaving and spring is on its way.
 It was a boggy but pleasant walk up Boulsworth Hill but the sun wasnt playing out today and the mist seemed to be rolling in - oh joy!

Coupled with the fact that it was a bit boggy made it a bit of a slog.  The wind was blowing hard but smiles were still on our faces.  You cant really call this bog - Kinder was bog, this was baby bog lol.

 As the mist rolled in the views disappeared but it was still nice to sit for a moment and enjoy the surroundings.
 We didn't hang around long at the top as it was cold, windy and a bit drizzly!

 Back down on solid ground and a wander through Wycoller Country Park and then back to the car which was parked in Trawden.
Lovely day out, cobwebs blown, legs stretched, calories burned - all good stuff !

25 January 2014

A wander up Pendle Hill


Popping up Pendle for the day as weather stopped us going any further - the weather also stopped any pics being taken as it was horrid.  Pendle pics another day!

20 January 2013

Pendle Hill Kicking off 2013

First walk of the new year and we decided to stay local mainly because of the adverse weather forecast and the risk of being stuck in some remote Lakeland area wasn’t an option as it was Sunday and normal life resumed tomorrow....sadly.
So Pendle Hill was the destination, if nothing else, it would be a mild leg work out and serve as a little bit of preparation for our epic Scotland adventure early next month (fingers crossed for lots of snow in the beautiful Glencoe).
So we ventured out, the few miles to Barley and as we’d made a late start the car park was already full and even the road was lined with parked cars.  Good god there was even a coach in the car park which meant only 1 thing.  Crowds of other people venturing on our route today.....grrrrrrrr! 
My preference would have been to go up on the road through Barley and past Ings Farm and up the steps, left over towards the trig then back down to Ogden Reservoir but I was promised that going up alongside the reservoir and following the river up to come back down the steps would be a better way.  So we'll see.....

Making our way up the road that lead us to the reservoir the weather was reasonably good.  Cold, dry with a risk of snow/rain in the afternoon.  Very light wind and all round nice conditions to be walking in.  Sadly the light wasn’t brilliant for reflections on the lake but I managed one or two pictures. 
At the end of the reservoir we veered right and followed the path up through the rocky banks of the river that flowed down the side of the hill.  This wasn’t a way I’d come before and was instantly pleased that this was our route today.  Off the conventional path and making our own way up the banks of the river was much more pleasing than following the now steady stream of people following the main route.  The rocks were slippy in some places and the higher we got the icier it became with some impressive groups of icicles dangling down.

It wasn’t long before we met the path at the top and could see the trig point in the distance through the now hazy scene before us.  The sun which had tried to come out was now just about giving up as the cloud became thicker and the landscape was white with frost and a little bit of snow.  It was like Grand Central station at the trig point and my picture with the hazy sun never materialised as there were just too many people about.  People, dogs, bikes, children, all sorts of day trippers out for a wander.

Needless to say we didn’t stick around long.  Making our way over to the top of the steps I was reminded of my last visit here almost a year ago and it was a similar snowy landscape.  I was reminded of the spot where I stopped to eat my sandwiches and my wander over the wall towards Downham Moor.  What a difference a year makes!!! 

The steps were busy with people going up and down.  Some of them were slippy and I took my time.  “You’re not doing well on getting down here, are you” I heard being muttered lol.  “I think you’ll find I’m doing well enough, thank you very much” was the reply.  Cheeky J.  However, it didn’t take us long to get down what with all the hello’s to passers by and thank you’s to folk letting us pass and apart from a little slippy slidey incident it was plain sailing all the way.  
A little flurry of snow met us on our final walk through Barley to the car park.  It was hardly a flutter really but just some white specs dotting the air in front of us.  It was forecast to snow much harder later but for now we just had this little teasy weansy flurry.

And there we were, back at the car park and it felt like we'd only left it moments ago.  It was very much overcast now and it was good to be back into the warmth of the car.  All that was missing was a cuppa.