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14 June 2014

Yewbarrow - scrambly goodness!

Yewbarrow was a peak we'd missed on a previous walk which encompassed Pillar, RedPike & Steeple.  There just wasnt time in the day to tag on Yewbarrow so it was always one we had to go back to.

It was billed as a toughie and with lots of scrambling opportunities both up and down and it didnt dissapoint.

Parked at the small carpark at the base we made our way up the somewhat steep path that would take us up the valley to the plateau area between Red Pike and Yewbarrow.  The path we'd previously come down on.  Last time we were on this path we saw a buzzard flying high and today I caught a brief glimpse of it as we neared the plateau.
 We met a man and his wife and tip the dog who'd just come down the back face of Yewbarrow and well done to the dog as some of the step downs were quite steep and he did well to manage it.

After a quick grape and nut stop we were up and onto the rock.  A bit shaley in places but once past that it was lovely climbing and scrambling up the face of the hill.  Before long we were on the top at the first summit and the cloud was starting to swirl in.  Over to Lingmell we could hardly see the summit from the cloud and it seemed to be laying quite thing on most of the surrounding peaks.
A nice, if not a little boring walk, along the plateau of Yewbarrow and up a short path to the second summit where we met a young and boundy labrador (5 months) who seemed to be in his element being out in the hills.

Time for the descent and it was a lovely one.  A scramble down here and then a walk along to the next bit.  Tiered like big massive giant steps and a delight to make our way down.  Soon enough we veered right on to the last bit of scramble down and the light got very dark and the rain started.  It had been dry all day, no sun, cloudy but dry and now the heavens opened.  Luckly we were well equipped and raincoats were soon on.

Back on the path down we could see back up to the lovely point mountain and after skipping down the path we were back in the shelter of the trees of the car park.

A short walk but 2 Hewitts and 1 Wainwright gained and a good day out.  I'm sure our legs and arms will feel it tomorrow..........