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16 November 2014

High Rigg with a few fungi (s) !

Our second day in the lakes started with a nice breakfast in the hotel and then the prospect of a small but long walk taking in High Rigg.  The sun was shining and we were both in good spirits.  Checking out of the hotel the start of the walk was again quite close by and before long we were on the path closely followed by a large group of men obviously making the most of the day too. High Rigg here we come.
The light was amazing and as the sun shone down making shadows that were just to delicious not to photograph we looked forward to better views than we'd had the day before.
 The path was clear and followed a zig zag route up the side of the hill.  It wasnt that steep but still a fair work out as it carved its way up the hillside.
The trees were amazing and although most are not indigenous the light and shapes were good for taking pictures.  We made our way through several tree lined areas before reaching a plateau area near the top.

Once through the trees we could see the hills on the other side of the road which were the Dodd's we'd climbed the day before.  Also apparent was the path we took downwards yesterday the zig zag and direct diagonal line through the ferns.
Beautiful day and beautiful scenery.  What more could we ask for.  The weather was so mild we were walking in T shirts and there was no breeze which made it brilliant walking weather.  The only thing missing was my sunglasses as I didn't expect the sun to be so bright but how lucky were we to get this glorious weather.

As we walked along the plateau that would take us up and down to the final summit we happened to spot a little fungi in the grassy area at the side of the path.  It was beautiful, red and yellow and quite a special sight.  It was quite close to the path and I'm so glad it had been left intact and that no one had trodden on it or some animal had nibbled away at it.  Not sure of its name but if anyone knows then please let me know. (more lovely mushrooms later on in the walk too but these ones are on trees, strange!)
 So finally we reach the summit and take the obligatory pictures.
The weather is holding and the downward journey is steep at first then once we hit the road its a lovely wander past an old church then down towards the river.  The path meanders below the route we'd taken in the morning and soon we were back at the start but not before spotting a few more fungi.

Great day, great walk, great company and a lot of laughs.  Time for our lakes weekend to come to an end and 4 more Wainwrights ticked off.  Hopefully, if the weather holds, we'll be back up very very soon.