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01 January 2018

New Years Day take 2

This years New Years Day walk is one that should have happened New Years Day 2017 but on that day the walk was cut short by the Keswick Mountain Rescue team having to helicopter Chris to hospital with a broken Femur and Tibia after slipping on a patch of grass on High Spy.  This year we planned the same route, up onto Catbells, over to Maiden Moor then onto High Spy and then down to the path that would lead us back round Catbells back to the car and thankfully all went to plan with no drama nor incident, phew !

The weather wasn't forecast to be great but we went anyways as after the disappointment of not being able to get in and amongst the hills in Glencoe earlier in the week we needed a good leg stretcher.  Rain, wind and cold were forecast and on the drive up we were hampered by all 3 causing once or twice to consider whether it would be worth it to continue.

When we got to the car park at the base of Catbells the wind had dropped a little bit and the rain had stopped so there was nothing really holding us back.  We had all our wet weather gear, gloves, hats and some sandwiches so off we went.
Up onto Catbells and although a little bit slippy the ground was good and the wind only caught you when slightly exposed to the valleys to either side.

The path over to Maiden Moor was a bit boggy in places but if you were careful you could avoid most of that.

The wind whipped up again on the route up to High Spy and at sometimes it felt like it would whisk you off your feet but a few sheltered spots gave some respite.
Sandwiches were quickly eaten at the top of High Spy and we could see behind us the weather closing in.  A few drops of hail started to fall and cameras were put in their little waterproof bags and coats and hoods shut tight.

Every time we looked back we could see the sky getting darker and the surrounding hills that had been illuminated that morning were now black and gloomy.

The rain was now persistent and the path downwards was a little bit slippy but not too bad.

Back at the car outer layers were soaked but we had smiles on our faces as there would be no helicopter today, no 2 hr drive to furness general hospital and no pain and discomfort for Chris.

There would be however a nice lunch and a pint (Chris), Gin (Lynne) at the Dog & Gun in Keswick to celebrate the start of a new year which will bring all sorts of new adventures and Fell Top Stories.

09 November 2013

Catbells, Maiden Moor, High Spy


A misty murky day on the tops but a brilliant walk all the same, 3 Wainwrights, a new hat and a mixed bag of weather.....excellent day!, pics only, no report.

New Hat 

Looking over to Dale Head 
Next stop Maiden Moor

Homeward bound