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04 May 2014

Lakes Day 2 - Beautiful Beda

*** No pictures in this blog entry as camera kaputt! ***

Day 2 of our Bank Holiday Camp in Glenridding would take us up a previously missed hill - Beda and then over to Steel Knotts.  Again the weather was particularly kind to us and it didn't seem as cold as the previous morning.  To start our day we had a wonderful breakfast in the Glenridding Village Hall where there was a Sunday Big Breakfast to raise funds for the hall. It was like stepping back in time with village hall benches and chairs and cups and saucers but the breakfast was fantastic and the lady in charge was charismatic to say the least.

So after our feed we were off and about again from the campsite and up and over the pass between Plaice Fell and Angletarn Pike.  The path was fairly apparent and flanked the mountainside, raising gently from the valley below.
It wasn't long before we could see Beda Fell in the distance and the undulating ground that would get us there.   Beda itself was a lovely walk up and the views as with any high walk were wonderful.  The High Street Range to our right as was The Nab.  Plaice Fell to our left and Hallin Fell with its peculiar pillar top right in front.

Beda was lovely.  A nice top with a cairn to boot on another wee peak and a lovely path down into the valley before the gentle traverse round the flanks of Steel Knotts before turning back and following the path up to the summit. A lovely big piece of rock on the top which was a bit airy but fun to get on top of after a nice gentle wander over some flattish ground then a steep path right up to the top.
After being blown about by the wind a bit we ventured over and down the path that would lead us back to Howtown to catch the boat back to Glenridding but not before we'd stopped off for a wee drink in a local bar.

Day 2 was wonderful, the weather held for us and the walk was lovely.  We did, for most of the day have a good view of "The Nab" which we missed before and would return to do another day.