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18 February 2013

And then there were 50......

It was only 6 months or so ago when I stepped on my first Wainwright, August Bank Holiday 2012 and the hill that day was Pike O Blisco or the Bisto Kid as I've renamed it.  Today I'd step on my 50th and the target was Rossett Pike but not before a bit of winter wandering up and over Bowfell.

The sun was shining and bags were packed early doors.  The alarm had gone off at 5am for a 6am departure in the slim hope we'd make it up there before the sun rose but as we headed up the M6 the orangy glow was already apparent to the right of us and we knew it would be daylight when we finally got parked.  Not to worry, there'd be plenty summer weekends when we could camp and be right in place for the morning glory of the sunrise.

We headed for Langdale and as we approached the layby where we'd park the sun was just coming over the peaks behind and illuminating the Crinkles beautifully.  The sky and early mist was clearing and it looked like we were in for a beautiful day.

The first part of the walk would take us up the Band from Langdale up onto Bowfell via the Climbers Traverse and hopefully up the slab which was going to be an interesting challenge and put our newly learned winter skills to test.  Ice axes and crampons packed we were all ready for the challenge that lay ahead and looking forward to it.

On the lower slopes we were met by a man coming down who'd lost his little dog the day previously.  Dennis had been out all night (Dennis was the dogs name by the way) and the man had been up and around Bowfell 5 times so far since the previous night.  We said we'd keep an eye our for him but at no point on our walk did we see any sign of poor wee Dennis.  I hope he made it back to his owners safely.

The higher we walked the more snow we found underfoot and the next challenge was finding the path that veered off the Band and took us over the traverse to the bottom of the slab.  This proved more difficult than it looked as under snow there was no real indication of the path and the higher we got the more we realised that the traverse wasnt going to be an option today so we made our way up a steep and icy patch to take us over to the main path that came over from the Crinkles.  Tough going and it was time to get the ice axes out and crampons on to help with the last bit.

Once up onto the path we walked back down a bit to to the top of the slab with the intentions of perhaps going down it and then back up but large cracks in the snow pack didn't make it an appealing venture at all.  Infact I was dead against going anywhere near it.  So we decided against it and carried on up to the summit of Bowfell.

I was excited to get to the summit as I knew that once there we'd be able to see over to the Scafell range and having photographed that before from Bowfell and knew it would be an awe inspiring sight especially if there was some snow on there and it didnt dissapoint.  Beautiful folds of rock moulded into mountains sprinkled with just enough white stuff to give it a moody and brooding look.  Brill stuff!!!

Down off Bowfell we headed towards Esk Pike but veered right on the path that would take us over to Rossett Pike.  Just down from the valley between the 2 peaks there was evidence of an avalanche.  Even in the Lakes there is a risk of the snow giving way to conditions.

Crampons off and packed away now as the snow was really soft and as we made our way up to Rossett Pike the views around us were spectacular.  We could see quite clearly now the slab of Bowfell from below and I'm glad now we made the decision not to tackle it today.

Rossett Pike was my 50th Wainwright and it was an adequate hill for such an accolade.  Nestled inbetween some great peaks it was unassuming, craggy and a pleasant walk.  Picture taking moments done with it the challenge now was to find the route off.  There were no footprints to follow but we knew the direction we were headed and there was no risk of falling off the edge of anything so we plodded through the rocks.

We found the downward path and had a bit of fun finding shortcuts and thoughts quickly turned to second lunch.  Down below there was a river so we decided to find a waterfront spot to enjoy the last of our food in the sun.

Joining the Cumbrian Way would take us on the last stretch through the valley back to the car and it was a great time to contemplate a fantastic day.  The sun was going down and the Crinkles were once again illuminated albeit this time from behind.

Beautiful Bowfell, Beautiful Walk, Beautiful Weather..........