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23 May 2015

Lowfell & Fellbarrow on a sunny day !

Another weekend and another 2 Wainwrights to be ticked off the old list. This will make it 137 for me and 172 for Chris, he's only got 42 to do before completing the whole list. Quite an achievement !

Tebay visited and scotch eggs for lunch acquired we continued north and the sky was bluer than blue with some nice wispy clouds that would hopefully make for some good sky pictures. We were a little later than usual setting off so we wouldn't get the best light of the day for photography but I'm sure we'll get something out of the day.   The sun was really bright and I was amazed at how green everything suddenly looked.  Spring and perhaps even a glimpse of summer was definately here.
Car parked near Loweswater and the path was right there in front of us, up a stoney treelined path peppered with lots of lovely wild flowers, took us to the base of the first hill. The path continued round and we spotted a couple of Yellowhammers and then it turned sharp left up over a stile and rose steeply towards the right hand side of the hill. With a combination of following a path then trudging up throught the moss and bracken we finally made it up onto the top of the hill. This, as with all hills was not the top but a wee false summit with plenty of path ahead of us before we reached anything that was tickable.

The first peak was Darling Fell with views over Crummock water then over to Buttermere that were really breathtaking and although it wasnt a Wainwright it was still a lovely fell.

My #summitselfie

The path down and then up again onto the next hill was steep on both sides but not too long so it was quite easy on the legs. The path upwards again was like a helter skelter with 20 steps worth of steepness the a wee plateau bit, then another steep bit again followed by another plateau until we reached the top and again were offered the most spectacular views. Here we stopped for a moment and had a nibble of our scotch eggs that we'd bought earlier and just marvelled at how lucky we were with the weather.

Onwards and upwards again towards the last tick of the day and the steepness of the descent and final ascent wasn’t as severe as the previous hill. It was quite gentle by all accounts. A little bit boggy in places and a nice clear path to lead us the way. A trig stood at the top of Fellbarrow and we had our last nibble of the day and polished off our scotch eggs followed by a Tunnochs tea cake. Perfect walking food.

So off we went on the downwards path and made our way back round the hillside until we met up with the path we'd started on earlier in the day. The sun was stronger now and any haze from earlier had gone and it really was a scorcher.

The little wild flowers on the path back to the car were indeed a treat.  

Soon enough we were back at the road and it was now littered with cars.  Everyone and their mother seemed to be in the lakes today and navigating back through Buttermere was interesting we made it and had a beautiful drive home and a lovely day to reflect on and a quick peek of the other side of Causey Pike made me chuckle.  It really is one of my favs, cute little hill !
Great weather, great walk, great company, what more can a girl ask for :-)