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26 July 2014

Lingmoor Fell, Hard Knott and a fiesta of wildlife !

After 4 weeks of other things in life preventing a wander in the lakes it was lovely to be up early and in the car heading for Cumbria. 2 Fells on the cards today and neither of them very taxing but nice walks in their own right.  For the first we headed to Blea Tarn and parked in the National Trust car park there (noisy youths!) and headed towards the tarn for the start of the walk.

Blea Tarn was pretty.  The water was still and reflective and the trees and mountains behind just beautiful.  The light was a bit hazy and not best for picture taking but still the views were stunning.
Leaving the tarn we turned right up into the woods but before then Chris found he had a companion which had fastened itself onto his leg. Yellow and furry but with antlers and wings it was a strange creature indeed.

We ventured onwards after wheeching (Scottish word) the yellow beastie away and soon found ourselves in the forest.  A canopy of trees blotted out the sunlight and the chorus of birdsong was delightful.  Apart from the chirping it was incredibly silent and so very still.
Out of the trees we headed over to the path that would take us up to Side Pike and then onwards and over to Lingmoor Fell.  The sun was burning off some of the haze and the views were opening up all around.  Crinkles and Bowfell, The Langdales and Pike O Blisco.......all those beautiful hills surrounding us.   We saw 2 buzzards circling in the thermals getting higher and higher, too far away to take a picture but fascinating to watch.  Soon, when they were high enough, the flew off over the fell at the other side.  Majestic birds.

Lingmoor was a nice enough fell with a lovely stone wall that leads you right up to the summit.  A good place to stop for some snacks and grapes and to just take in the sights around.  Blue sky overhead.  The path downwards was easy enough and good going underfoot and again we were awarded a view of a spectacular bird.  This time I think it was a Red Kite and flew out the trees and over the valley, circling for a bit and then disappearing.  Breathtaking!
Soon enough we were back at the car park and headed over Wrynose Pass and then Hard Knott Pass and parked right next to the Roman Fort ruins before heading up Hard Knott.
The ruins were just the walls of the fort but a lovely place with its historical links.  Behind was the Scafell range and they were looking magnificent in the afternoon sun.
Hard Knott was the final target of the day and it was looking splendid.  We still had a few bottles of frozen water left so we ditched the rucksacs and headed up armed with a couple of bottles of water.  It was hot, the sun was out but we took our time and soon enough were at the top with even more fabulous views.
This was the last stop of the day, apart from a quick stop at the Sicklebarn at Langdale for a bite to eat.  Sadly the chilli that we ordered had never seen a chilli in its life and resembled something that would be served in a 1970 school kitchen.......grim!  Never mind, the raspberry crabbies did the trick and soon it was time to be heading home.  4 weeks away from the lakes and how we've missed them so.  We'll be back soon x