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11 February 2013

Buachaille Etive Beag - Stob Dubh

3rd munro of the week and the one we should have captured last Sunday when the wind was fierce, so today we'd tackle it and get that particular box ticked!

The weather wasn't brilliant.  Dry but low misty cloud meant we couldn't see the summit nor could we really see the path but we'd been up here before so knew where we were going.  It was remarkable the amount of snow that had disappeared in the week as the path was certainly more visible than it had been before.  Before long we were on the steep steps that would take us up to the plateau area where we'd had our windy lunch previously.

At the plateau area we stopped for a snack but could see neither summit right or left this time and remembered the strong winds of last week that hampered our walk.  No such winds this week but a dense mist that obscured any views that we may be party to.  The big Buachaille should have been right in front of us as we ate but it was just a white wall of likey!
We headed left up the path that would take us to the summit of Stob Dubh and I was quite excited at the prospect of a ridge before the summit.  I love ridges and any walks that include these make me giddy as a kipper.  Winter walking on ridges is a bit different as they usually mean ice and no recognised path so extra care had to be taken but just that visual of a sharp pointy ridge leaves me elated.

After a steep climb up the first part of the route to the top we could see a faint outline of the summit and ridge in the distance.  The cloud kept swirling in and out so that it was only visible for a moment or two at a time but onwards we went and soon enough we were over the ridge and heading to what we thought was the summit.  Was it the summit?  It had a cairn and seemed to be the highest point but then the cloud lifted and another pointy bit appeared ahead.  I didn't think this bit was as high but we ventured over there just in case it was the true summit.  God forbid we'd made it all the way up there and not actually stood on the summit.  Either way we had it covered.

A quick picnic stop at the top and we headed downwards again.  This was a bit tricky as it was a wee bitty icy and care had to be taken but I have to say at this point this was indeed my most favorite walk of the week.  3 munros and this being the 3rd really was 3rd time lucky.  I loved it, the walk, the ridge, the conditions with the only thing spoiling it was the lack of views.  Nothing but white on all sides.

It wasn't long before we were back at the plateau and thoughts turned to venturing back up the other peak, Stob Coire Raineach that we'd tackled the previous Sunday in the wind.  I didn't feel I had the energy for another peak today so instead we headed down from the plateau to the stepped rocky path but not before having a slide down a nice steep snowy section which was a lot of fun.
The steep rocky path downwards was hard going as per usual with the steps down being big steps for me but we kept a steady pace and even ran a little bit on the flattish sections.  Before long we were back at the car and this signified not only the end of our day's walk but the end of our week in Glencoe.  A week filled with triumphs and torture, laughter and silliness, good company and winter skills training, 3 munros and an ache to return as soon as possible.

What an amazing week and one I hope to repeat sometime soon!