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05 May 2014

Lakes Day 3 - Forced Gowbarrow

*** No pictures in this blog entry as my camera was not playing ball ***

Our last day of Bank Holiday Camping in Glenridding and after packing up the tent we headed up Ullswater towards the National Trust Car Park for Aira Force. The plan was to have a wander up to the waterfall and then onwards and upwards to Gowbarrow Fell, another wainwright to tick off the list.

Car parked and boots on we ventured up through the beautiful forested area with all sorts of trees throwing light all about and giving the feel that you were in some magical mystical land.

Unfortunately I wasn't feeling very magical and mystical and had no energy whatsoever.  My legs felt like lead and I think the past few days were catching up with me.

The falls were beautiful and we didn't hang around as we had a wainwright to bag.  Following the map we made our way up and out of the waterfalls and wooded area onto the soft ground of the hill.  The main path was up the side of a wall but true to form we took the harder route and went straight up for a bit.  It wasn't that steep but it certainly made things interesting.  I think I saw a stoat!

Soon enough we met with the path by the wall and continued up that until we reached a newly laid path of rubble and rocks.  There seemed to be a lot of work going on with the paths as big bulk bags of rubbly stuff were dotted around and the good news was I'd found my legs and some extra energy from somewhere and started to enjoy this walk.

Up a little bit more and we saw the trig point which indicated the summit and what a lovely summit it was.  A nice trig and 360 views from Blencathra right round all the fells in the area.  Stunning!

Back down the path it wasn't long before we were back at the waterfalls and had time this time to stop and watch as the water cascaded down all the beautiful rocks.
The sun even decided to come out then and before long we were back at the car and heading for home.

9 wainwrights, 3 hewitts, 1 force and mouse and a wee stoat and it was a brilliant Bank Holiday Weekend.

04 May 2014

Lakes Day 2 - Beautiful Beda

*** No pictures in this blog entry as camera kaputt! ***

Day 2 of our Bank Holiday Camp in Glenridding would take us up a previously missed hill - Beda and then over to Steel Knotts.  Again the weather was particularly kind to us and it didn't seem as cold as the previous morning.  To start our day we had a wonderful breakfast in the Glenridding Village Hall where there was a Sunday Big Breakfast to raise funds for the hall. It was like stepping back in time with village hall benches and chairs and cups and saucers but the breakfast was fantastic and the lady in charge was charismatic to say the least.

So after our feed we were off and about again from the campsite and up and over the pass between Plaice Fell and Angletarn Pike.  The path was fairly apparent and flanked the mountainside, raising gently from the valley below.
It wasn't long before we could see Beda Fell in the distance and the undulating ground that would get us there.   Beda itself was a lovely walk up and the views as with any high walk were wonderful.  The High Street Range to our right as was The Nab.  Plaice Fell to our left and Hallin Fell with its peculiar pillar top right in front.

Beda was lovely.  A nice top with a cairn to boot on another wee peak and a lovely path down into the valley before the gentle traverse round the flanks of Steel Knotts before turning back and following the path up to the summit. A lovely big piece of rock on the top which was a bit airy but fun to get on top of after a nice gentle wander over some flattish ground then a steep path right up to the top.
After being blown about by the wind a bit we ventured over and down the path that would lead us back to Howtown to catch the boat back to Glenridding but not before we'd stopped off for a wee drink in a local bar.

Day 2 was wonderful, the weather held for us and the walk was lovely.  We did, for most of the day have a good view of "The Nab" which we missed before and would return to do another day.

03 May 2014

Lakes Day 1 - St Sunday's Crag Sorted !

Bank holiday weekend camping in Glenridding meant that we had 3 days to play with and the plan for day 1 was to take in the summit of St Sunday's Crag along with a few others of course.  Starting with Arniston Crag, Birks, St Sunday's crag, Fairfield then coming down via Hart Crag and Hartsop Above How.  A full day out indeed.

We walked from the campsite, which was nice, after a breakfast of porridge for me and beans and sausages for Chris.  Camping isn't camping unless there are beans and sausages involved.

We made our way up to the little craggy summit of Arniston Crag in good time and the weather was decent. Not sunny and a bit of a bite in the wind but not too bad all round.

The next stop was Birks and what a boring summit that was.  A steepish slog up the side of the mountain and a flattish grassy plateau like summit.  But it was a tick and a tick that got me closer to my 100th Wainwright.

St Sunday's Crag was a pleasure to walk.  A mixture of gravel path and craggy scrambly bits made the upward journey much more pleasant.  It was hard work and the biting cold wind, if it got you, tore right through you.  Good job we had layers as the previous nights camping had left me chilled so I was feeling it more than usual.

After a bit more effort we reached the summit and it was quite busy on that route today.  The views were as always spectacular and we could see clearly the remaining route of the day.

We didn't hang around long on the top but started on the downward path that would take us down and up the side of Fairfield.  A quick bite of lunch (meats and cheeses) and the discovery of some odd garments and we were on our way up the beautiful path that clambered through rocks and big steps up the side of the hill.

The top of Fairfield was confusing.  So many cairns at a similar altitude.  Which one was the top?  We touched every one just to be sure.

Across the summit of Fairfield we could see the other horseshoe leading down into Ambleside but we were taking a left turn before that over to Hart Crag and our route downwards.
Quite a nice path down, nothing too taxing.   A nice bit of scrambly bit and a decent path.  A perfect end to a perfect day and before long we were back at the road and pulling our tired legs along towards the pub.

Hurrah for the White Lion.  

18 June 2013

Good times in Glenridding!

Glenridding weekend Part 1 - Hallin Fell 
Friday night took us up to Glenridding and to the Side Farm Campsite which by all accounts lived up to its reputation of being a bit slopey!!!!  Nevertheless we found a suitable pitch that wasn’t too bad and oh goodness me the views made up for it 100 times over.  So after a night of pitching, bbq’ing and generally relaxing watching  the sun disappear before the beautiful Sheffield Pike and Glenridding Dodd that was the sight before us, we were suitably refreshed early in the morning ready to head out and get a Wainwright under our belts.

 Packs loaded and sandwiches made we wandered out of the campsite and down round Ullswater towards the village of Glenridding where we’d find the terminal for the Ullswater Steamers.  The plan was to take the boat up to the other end of the lake and then walk back taking in Hallin Fell as our bonus prize of the day.

The trip on the Steamer was lovely.  Blue skies all around and fells and peaks looming over.  We could see over to Catseyecam and into the Helvellyn range with Swirrel and Striding Edge both looking spectacularly brilliant.  Thoughts turned back to the day we went both up and down Swirrel Edge in full winter conditions, crampons, ice axes and our chocolate Santa that we’d carried throughout the whole walk fell out of my hood and slipped down the ice sheet.  We wondered if anyone ever found him after the thaw and had a good giggle at the antics of that day.

The boat docked at Howtown and we headed inland.  The path took us up and away from the lake edge and over to the foothills of Hallin Fell.  This was a pleasant walk up and round the path, views of the lake and our target for tomorrow, Place Fell, were in abundance.   The higher we got the more peaks opened up and before long we could see over to St Sunday’s Crag, straight through to Helvellyn and even over to Blencathra and Skiddaw.  The weather was magnificent.  Beautiful billowy clouds, blue sky and a cool breeze to stop you from overheating.  Perfect walking weather.

Down off Hallin Fell we found the path that would lead us round the contour of the lakeside mountains which ultimately lead back to the campsite.  This was a busy route with all sorts of people on the path both going and coming.  One of the strangest sights we saw was a man carrying a rucksack designed for babies, but he had no baby, oh no, no baby at all.  What he did have though was a cocker spaniel….surely not, was the baby carrier for the dog when it got a bit tired.  Sadly we never saw what its main use was for.  It was on this path we stopped for lunch.  Cheese and piccalilli sandwiches and a pear, probably the most juiciest and delicious pear I have ever had, it was gorgeous.  Sitting there in the shade watching the boats go by was just so peaceful.

It wasn’t long before we were back at the campsite but decided to visit the tearoom first instead.  The afternoon sun by this time was beating down and the urge to just sit down and not move was too great.  Coffee and ice cream consumed we headed back to the tent to enjoy the afternoon sun.  The views over the lake were stunning and everything was so quiet and peaceful.

A beautiful end to a perfect day.  Good weather, a good walk and great company……….I’m a very lucky girl!
Part 2 -Plaice Fell

Sunday dawned and the sky wasn’t as clear but still full of enough blue bits to make us look forward to another days walking.  Place fell was the target and it had looked down on us from behind the campsite for 2 days now it was time to get up it.

After not a great nights sleep for me I wasn’t feeling my best but off we went anyways.  The path upwards was practically right on the doorstep of the campsite and it took us steadily up the side of the hill.  Quite quickly we had gathered quite a bit of height.  This was not a fell where you had a long walk it, it smacked you in the face with its steepness quite quickly but we steadily plodded on having the scenery around us as a distraction.   
Although the sun was out there was a cool breeze today and it wasn’t t-shirt weather as we were being buffeted by the chilly wind.  At one point on the side of the mountain dark clouds loomed and it looked like it could be rain any min.  This wasn’t good mainly because I hadn’t packed any wet weather gear………..major fail, rule 1 of any walking trip is pack for all weathers!!!!!
Luckily the looming dark clouds dissipated after a short while and we were blessed with blue skies and sunshine again.  The final path up to the trig point of Place Fell was an absolute treat.  What a beautiful fell, it comes quite close to one of my favourites, not my ultimate favourite but it’s certainly up there.  It’s got a character all of its own and I liked it.  Obligatory pictures taken and we were off down the path in search of the route that would take us over to Beda Fell.
Almost at the start of the descent I knew that my legs were struggling.  I felt twinges in my knees and sapped of energy.  My lack of a proper nights sleep was taking its toll and I really didn’t think I had another fell in me today.  We waited until we got to the bottom before I made my decision but the descent off Place Fell was right down to the road and the ascent to Beda Fell started there, no ridge walk, no linking route, just straight down and then up again and my heart sank as I knew, today, and the way I felt, I really wasn’t up for this.  Disappointing, yes but it’ll be there another day for us.

We decided, rather than take the path of yesterday back to the campsite, to get on the boat and take the Lake route back.  Wandering through the lower valley back to Howtown we could see the boat coming into port and reckoned we had about 15 mins to catch it.  We quickened our pace and made enough ground so that we were on the Pier before it docked and took the boat, back round the lake to Glenridding.
The afternoon was beautiful, sunny and bright and we took our time packing the tent away which signalled the end of our weekend.  Another brilliant escapade in the Lakes and a few more boxes ticked.