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20 July 2013

Moels, Foels & anybody out there?

Early morning start saw us on the A55 heading towards Snowdonia.  Our initial thoughts of getting the "big walk" in on the Saturday was quickly thwarted when it seemed like hundreds of people were heading out on the main routes towards Snowdon, at silly o clock in the morning.  I love my mountains but walking up them in a line of other walkers is not my (our) idea of fun.  So plans quickly changed, we decided to set up camp and then head out later in the morning on a less popular walk which took in Moel Eilio via Foel Goch, Foel Gron and Moel Cynghorion.

After pitching the tent and having a quick snack we set up off on the path, practically from the campsite, to take us up to Moel Cynghorion.  I have no idea how you pronounce this but I can tell you one thing, the name is definitely more impressive than the hill.  The best thing about this hill is the views it offers over Snowdon and beyond.  On the way up we heard the distinct toot toot of the steam train that services the valleys in Snowdonia and watched for a moment as it snaked its way below us.  The climb up was a fairly easy one with nothing too taxing but the poor little pile of stones at the (presumed) summit is a poor wee sad sight indeed.  From here you can see the rest of the route quite clearly, over both Foels and onto Moel Eilio.

So down we went and then back up the side of the first Foel, Foel Goch.  A steady and steeper climb it really got the legs working and having not walked for a few weeks I was starting to feel it but then that's normal for me until my legs remember what they're actually supposed to be doing and mountain legs kick in.  Luckily we had some Kendal Mint Cake with us to give a quick sugar rush but oh my goodness it just seemed to evapourate in this heat as soon the packet was empty, hmmmmm!  Up and onto Foel Goch's only to find that its summit was as unimpressive as the previous one with not a marker to be found.  Just a wide open plain, and plain it was.

Onwards over to Foel Gron which as much as a nice walk had an even less impressive summit.  No indication at all that we were even on a summit.  A raised bit of ground behind a barbed wire fence suggested that may be the summit but you'd have risked life and limb to get to it so we carried on towards Moel Eilio.

As much as the walking was pretty boring, all grass, little rock and well defined paths the views were outstanding.  Snowdon looked enticing but so did the mountains to the left of us and of course the Glyders, Tryfan and Elider Fawr over to the right.  In the afternoon sun they all looked spectacular.

After a couple of false summits we were up on the top of Moel Eilio and pleased to see the first summit feature of the day, a beautifully constructed shelter that was very impressive.  Hunkered down in there out of the wind we stopped for lunch and had a good giggle at a man about a 100 ft away with a rather large ariel.  Could he hear what we were saying?  Was he listening for alien life?  What on earth was he doing?  I was dying to find out but didn't dare go and ask him.  The shelter itself was a suntrap and it was nice just to sit back and enjoy the hot sun whilst picnicking on our lunch today which was pate and crackers........oh yes our packed lunch today was a luxurious treat apart from the peanut brittle which for some reason was backed in chocolate, lol.

Leaving the alien hunter to his work we headed off down the hill and here's where the adventure really started.  As with all descents if there is a quicker way down then you take it.  The route back was back along the route we'd come which by this time we knew was grassy and a bit boring so true to form the question was asked "should we just nip down here" and true to form off we went straight down the side of the hill which we hoped would bring us down to a more southern path to take us off the mountain.

After a while of walking very steeply sideyways and straight down my energy was sapped.  If I'd known the true properties of the chocolate covered peanut brittle then I'd have taken some but I could feel my energy waining by the second and with that came a lot of whinging......poor Chris!   But we plodded on, traversing and heading downwards and I only could go at the pace I could go and that wasn't fast.  Seeing the zig zag path was a treat and we headed in that direction, again straight down, so that we could meet up with it at one of its points.  There was a lot of shouting and quite a few people already on the path who were, most likely, making their way back from Snowdon.  This path lead down to the rangers station and then it would be a short walk, back along the road to the campsite.

One of the best ideas of the day was when Chris suggested that instead of eating locally we headed for the coast for a supper of fish and chips and once down and back at the campsite we quickly changed out of our boots and headed to Carnarvon (Carnforth lol) and tucked into some lovely fish (not so lovely chips) by the sea.  Perfect end to a wonderful day x