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24 January 2015

Walla Crag and Bleaberry Fell

After a disastrous January where the weather halted any plans for getting up a hill we were finally on our way, early morning, before light, to our beloved lakes.  As always with our dark starts we keep our eyes peeled on the sky as the dawn breaks to see if the weather forecasters were right.  It seemed like this morning we were going to be lucky.

Arriving at Keswick we headed through the town and out the other side and parked at the side of Derwent Water right next to the path where the start of our walk was.  A muddy start, surprise, surprise, and then it was a nice path up through a wooded area beside a few gushing waterfalls.  What a lovely start to a walk and I do like when there's a forestry bit involved.

Out of the forest and we were greeted with some spectacular views opening up behind us looking over towards Causy Pike (eeek eek eek!) one of my fav little hills.
The next part of the path was stepped and very well maintained and only a few tricky bits where the ice of the morning hadnt melted and made things very slippery but we managed well through it and found ourselves up on a wider, less steep path, that would take us up and round to the top of Walla Crag.

One of the most spectacular things we saw, apart from the beautiful sights around us was a large bird, circling on the thermals getting higher and higher almost right above us.  Too far away to get a decent pic but I managed to snap this and the jury is out on what it was but we can rule out buzzard as its just not the right shape but thinking towards Goshawk ...... we'll never know for sure but nevertheless it was stunning.

Up onto the summit it was windy and cold so we didnt hang around long.  Just long enough for Chris to have a small "map - off" with a local girl on the local hills we could see, funny moment!

So off we went down the path that would take us over to Bleaberry Fell.  Again it was a well maintained path with only a few snow patches to contend with.  The views were stunning both there and back and the light hitting different hills in patches made some wonderful patterns.

We got the best of the weather of the weekend today.  Sunshine, a little breezy in patches, cold but not unbearable and all round a jolly good walk.  Coming back down to meet the path we went up on I was pleased to find the sun, forcing its way though a hole in the cloud onto Derwent Water.  Absolutely beautiful and a fitting end to a great walk.