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31 August 2014

Grange Fell, Fungi, a wee snake and a buzzard.......

Short walk today to mainly break in my new walking boots.  My beloved Scarpa's have gone to the big walk in the sky after a Scottish river attacked them last weekend.  My new Scarpa's (identical to the old ones) needed a good walk out before we head to Italy next week.

So it was Grange Fell that was chosen as the short but steepish walk to test the new boots and what a lovely walk it was.  Wandering up through the trees the light was amazing and at a little plateau area we found several types of mushroom all growing in and about each other.

Further up through the Ferns we went, not really a path to speak of but a faint line through the ferns of what seemed to be a way through.
A bit further on through the ferns and looking down I spotted a Slow Worm just sitting there on the path.  As soon as I'd reached to my side for my camera it darted off so I only caught the tail end  of it and even that was a bit shakey - Can you spot it???

After the excitement of the Slow worm we continued up through the glade area and followed a wall for a while and once through, looking back down the light was incredible.

The weather was fantastic, cloudy but with sunny periods.  It made for terrific skies and the views around us once we'd come out of the tree area were fantastic.  From the summit we could see right over to Derwent water to Skiddaw, Blencathra in the other direction and back over to Dale Head behind us.  A light breeze at the top was pleasing and with a piece of tablet we were were off on our way back down.

The path downwards was clear and easy in some places but with that loose shaley rock in other areas which slowed me down a bit.  I'd forgotten my stick so was a bit unbalanced on the steeper sections but I took my time and we made it down in no time.
We'd hoped to spot some wildlife today but so far had only managed a Slow Worm and the only evidence of that was a shakey far away picture.  Not really anything to write home about.

Back on the road we were making our way back round to where the car was parked following the river and past the village of Grange.  We heard a cry overhead and Chris shouted, look, there's a buzzard, floating right over our heads.  As with everything thats moving you have to be quick to capture it.  I pointed my lens towards the sky and only managed another very far away picture but here it is..........
Not the longest walk in the world but a nice one all the same.  Boots well and truely broken in and heels just a little bit tender.

Great sunny day !