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25 January 2015

Misty and murky Leighton Moss

It was a misty and murky start to Sunday and had the weather been kinder we'd be back up a big hill but it wasnt the day for trudging up the side of a mountain so we took ourselves off to Leighton Moss.  The hope that it wasnt going to be too foggy by the coast and if the rain stayed off then we might see a wee birdy or 2.

Not much in the way of special birdies but as we walked round to the furthest away hide we were lucky enough to arrive when 3 otters were frolicking around in the water right in front of us.  So special to watch them fish and play.  I did try to get a pic but they really were too far to get a clear shot.
Ducks were in abundance as were the little finches, crows, pheasant and of course robins.  An all round good day in the reedbeds and we'll be back when its a little warmer and less drissly.

Sadly no kingfishers today but hopfully we'll catch one or 2 when we go back. 

13 April 2014

Tryfan & The Glyders

Out of the door at 6.30 and we’re heading for Wales for a day which could go either of 2 ways.  Would the BBC weather forecast finally get it right or will be be robbed of our day on the hills?  Only time will tell and as we headed towards Wales we had a right mixture of weather.

It was dry at least when we arrived at the Ogwen Valley car park and already other early birds were hauling rucksacks out of their cars in anticipation of their days adventure.  Our adventure would take us up Tryfan then down and up Bristly Ridge or Scree (yet to be decided) and then over to Glyder Fach and finally over to Glyder Fawr before descending down through the Devil’s Kitchen and back to the car.
The cloud was laying low as we headed up the path towards that beautiful rocky peak and it was a great path.  Swirling cloud brought glimpses of Bristly ridge and before long we were passing Llyn Bochlwyd aka Australia Lake.

 It wasn’t long before we were at the plateau area between the Bristly bit and the steep flanks of Tryfan.  A sharp left hand turn we were on the mountain and almost immediately in and amongst the rocks.
We couldn’t see the summit as there was a thick blanket of cloud all around obscuring all views in front, behind and to the side.  Clambering through the rocks was as much fun as I remember and before long we reached the rocky plateau where Adam & Eve stood.  No jumping today mainly because I have no idea how I would get up there with my little short legs and also it was pretty breezy. 
There were about 20 people on top and we didn’t stick around long as we still had a long day ahead of us so after obligatory pictures had been taken it was off down the rocks again until we were at the middle plateau where we decided to give Bristly Scree a go.  I’d come down this previously and it was a nightmare akin to snowboarding on shale so going up couldn’t be that bad, could it.  Well actually it wasn’t that bad at all owing largely to Chris carving out a route that largely kept us on larger rocks.  It was only at the top that we encountered most of the loose and slippy shale and it was hard going but the fact that the sun had come out and the views behind us of Tryfan and the Carneddau were magnificent.
 At the top, finally it was a short hop over to the Cantilever stone and then a scramble onto the top of Glyder Fach.  The views had really opened up now and the landscape looks more lunar than welsh countryside but all that rock is a delight to be amongst, simply beautiful.
 The next part of the route took us over to the Castle of the winds and then on the path up onto Glyder Fawr. The wind had really gotten up now and it had turned chilly again.  We stopped for a bite to eat just under the castle and kept as sheltered as we could but it wasn't long before we were up and on the path again.
Glyder Fawr was just as rocky and then we had the delight of coming down through the devils kitchen.  A slippy and loose descent but we just kept one foot in front of the other and the sun throwing shadows over the surrounding peaks made the views just fantastic.
Soon the sun was dipping and the walk was coming to an end.  Around by the Idwall Slabs and we circled the square and were back on the path down to the car park but not before 1 last glimpse of that magnificent peak that is Tryfan, glowing in the evening sun.
Back at the car park and changing shoes and trousers for the drive home we were joined by this little fellow who seemed really friendly and only flew away when we started up the engine and reversed out of the car park.
 Great day in the Ogwen Valley !