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02 August 2015

A misty murky wander over Wansfell

In our efforts to get out whatever the weather in this poor excuse for a summer we had a few hrs free on Sunday to play with and Wansfell seemed to be the ideal target.

Not too far but still a Wainwright tick and would provide a little bit of exercise for the weekend.

The path started as a wide track and wound its way round the side of the hill with views of Windemere opening up to the left. There was no steepness to the path and it continued, meandering round the hillside to the summit top following a wall.

The weather was mixed, a bit of mist, drizzle and it wasn't that warm really. Was it really August???

The summit was quite non descriptive with views over to Rydel Wate, up to Red Screes and Kirkstone Pass and then back down to Windemere and beyond. 
The path following the wall over to the second summit, Baystones which is the true high point of the Wainwright, was a pretty path and the wall was the star of the show, winding left and right up and down hill making some pretty patterns indeed.

After reaching Baystones we turned right to take the path back down towards the car and were met with a 2 pretty ponies and a young foal. The foal was too quick for me to get a non blurry picture but I got a snap of its auntie who was happy to just stand and pose.
Soon enough we were back at the Mortal Man car park and felt it would be rude not to pop in for Sunday lunch as we'd parked here for the past hour or so. The food was good and it was a lovely place to spend another hr in the lakes before heading back to real life and the thought of Monday looming in the distance.

Another trip out and even though the weather didn't really improve it was a lovely wander over a nice little fell.