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04 August 2013

Gordale Scar & Malham Cove


We’re Yorkshire bound this weekend.  No big hills but a nice walk all the same was planned. Gordale Scar and Malham Cove would be our destination and as true with all our weekend walks we were up and out fairly early and set off towards Malham. 

The weather was fine when we left but sadly as soon as we parked the car the first signs of drizzle appeared.  Sadly this light drizzle didn’t put off the hoards of day trippers that were descending on the place but as a fairly well known tourist attraction we were somewhat prepared for this.  Our walks usually take us into places where only a handful of people are met during the course of the day and here today there were coachloads turning up. 

Gordale Scar was our first destination and it was a lovely walk in with Chris regaling tales of childhood where he came with his Mum, Dad and Sister.  How lovely to have this practically on your doorstep and as a kid it must have been a fascinating and exciting place to come.
 At the Scar we swithered for a moment or 2 deciding whether to climb up it or not and as it seemed dry enough we made our way through the rocks up and over the falling water till we reached the middle plateau which gave us a lovely view of the waterfall behind.

Pictures taken and a quick bite of something sugary and we were onwards and upwards again.  Up and out of the Scar we walked along a fairly flattish meadow with some indications of limestone pavement in the direction of the lake.  We didn’t venture right down to the lake but veered left before then towards Malham Cove and the vast area of limestone pavements.

 The path soon became flooded with people from all directions and we found ourselves in a snake like procession through the narrow path with loads of other walkers.  The path soon opened out to the top of the cove and it really is quite remarkable, a beautiful result of natures touch on the earth however by this time the coach parties had all descended and it was like Grand Central Station.  People everywhere, families, groups, young, old all out for their Sunday day out in the countryside.  I’m not knocking it, its great to see people out; I just prefer the solitude of our walks and the passing by of the odd 1 or 2.

The walk back to the car was uneventful and on a predictable path.  Luckily there was an ice cream shop open and we had a cone as we wandered back to the car.  It was a good walk and the scenery was absolutely lovely with the limestone pavements and the Scar being the highlight of the day.