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22 June 2014

99 Hewits & Pavey Ark aint one!

A quick impromptu camping trip to Langdale with the main purpose of airing the big tent before heading to Silverstone in a week or so.  We arrived on site mid morning Saturday and after pitching, chilling, popping to the pub and generally having a lovely relaxing day we ventured out on our evening walk to take in a few of the Langdale Pikes.

I, however, wasn't feeling too well and on the latter end of a course of Anti Biotics and wasn't by any means on top form but we set of anyways in the hope that energy and fitness would appear as if by magic from somewhere.

Camera around my neck, rucksack on my back we headed off in the direction of Dungeon Ghyll to find the path up the side that would take us to the top tarn and the first leg of our journey. It seemed an age but it was lovely walking in the sunshine but the higher we got the cloud seemed to thicken and there was a nippy breeze.  I even felt a spot of rain or perhaps it was just a swirly bit of mist.  Looking back down was pleasant though.
Up to the tarn and I realised I'd lost my walking pole.  I had just slipped it in my rucksack without fully securing it and it must have fallen out.  Whilst stopping by the tarn for a quick snack of fruit pastilles and peanuts a man approached carrying my pole which he'd found on the path.  Thank you's all round and we were back on our path.  Pavey Ark was the target and it now stood proud in front of us.  Cloud covered the sky now and the breeze was fierce but it was still quite nice conditions, rubbish for photographs though.
The next section was quite steep and shaley which is the worst underfoot and with feeling rubbish it was, for me, like wading through treacle.  I just couldnt muster up a second gear and every inch was hard work.  Chris who seemed to skip up it was miles ahead but the lovely man that he is didnt utter a word and waited for me at every level bit, he's a star x

Pavey Ark was a nice rocky summit and we could see for miles.  The cloud had miraculously lifted and there was more and more blue sky being exposed, it was lovely.  Still had the cool breeze but it was brightening up.
Off Pavey Ark and we followed the path over to Harrison Stickle.  It was really starting to brighten up now and we were wondering if we'd get any sort of sunset, we'd planned 5 peaks for our evening walk but I wasnt sure I could do all 5.  We'd see how I felt after Harrison Stickle.
 Everywhere was bathed in evening sunlight now however after Harrison Stickle I was exhausted.  There was nothing left in the tank for any more peaks and to make matters worse my camera finally gave up the ghost and packed in.  Gutted!!!!!

So it was onwards and downwards and luckily the path downwards was clear and mainly stepped which made the going much easier.

There was a beautiful waterfall on the way down and Chris only had to cajole me along a few times reminding me that the pub probably stopped serving food at 9pm and we'd miss it if we didnt hurry.

After what felt like a quick descent we arrived at the pub at 9.15 only to find out that they did in fact stop serviing food at 9pm.  Too bad, a packet of crisps would have to do with crackers when we got back to the tent.

Lovely evening walk, will definitely be up on those peaks again as there's still so much to do.......