03 January 2016

Dreich & Drookit Old Man

The first walk of 2016 and the first walk since October 2015 - Shocking!, blooming weather!! (but sparing a thought for all the poor folks of Cumbria who's homes, belongings and lives were destroyed).

We were resigned to go whatever the weather and although showers were forecast we didn't care, we needed to get out, we needed to get up a mountain come rain, hail, wind or snow, we were going and go we did!

The drive over to Coniston was uneventful and we only had 1 large puddle in the road to deal with and although the sky was grey and not very interesting it was dry which was a blessing.   Parked up and boots on we ventured out on the path and only then did the first drops of rain start to fall.  It wasnt heavy at first but enough to pack cameras away and tighten hoods on our jackets.

Before long it was heavier and seemingly relentless and by the time we reached the small tarn the cloud base had lowered and we couldnt even see into the middle of the tarn.

Up the last rocky steps to the summit where the large cairn stood it was evident that the weather wasnt going to get any better and the showers that were forecast had all ganged up together to just rain and rain and rain.  The wind on top was blustery and whilst not quite strong enough to blow you off your feet the order of the day now was heads down and keep moving forward.
Over to Brim Fell was next on the list and then we doubled back and took the left hand turn down the path that would lead us over to Dow Crag.
By the time we'd reached Dow Crag the conditions weren't good at all and the light of the day was diminishing. It was cold, I was wet, shivvery and a little bit whingy to say the least (some would say what's new!!!)
The path downwards was thankfully a great path, wide and free from larger rocks and the walking was good.  It wasnt long before we just about won the race with clock and arrived back at the car before darkness set in for the night.  Heaters on full blast, legs weary, clothes and hair damp, rucksacs tossed in the boot we headed for home.

A grand but very tiring day out!

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  1. I'm amazed you were able to do it at all. Brave twosome! Happy New year to you both. Xx