24 June 2017

4 Fells from Pooley Bridge

Wiith the weather not being forecast as brilliant this past weekend we opted for a day trip up to Pooley Bridge to tick off a few more Wainwrights and left Bob at home.

Up and out early we were in Pooley Bridge for just after 9 and after parking the car, getting camera equipment and Garmin switched on we were off up the path that would lead us up and over towards our first fell.
It was a lovely path.  Littered with ferns and foxgloves and sky larks abound.  Their shrill chirping above our heads stayed with us as we walked up the path.
Up and over the first little hump we could see our first fell in the distance with its little knobbly top.  Arthurs Pike was its name and as we made our way towards the top we passed a couple of other walkers and so far the weather was holding.

It was a mix of cloud, with the odd spit of rain but the higher we got the more we felt the wind and with that wind brought the cold.   Glad to have brough my gloves and hat with me.   Even all the little plants were being buffeted.
 After Arthurs Pike it was down towards the next tick Bonscale Pike with the promise of Bonscale Tower.  Not quite sure what I was expecting but my wish for a grand imposing tower turned out to be a rather tall pile of stones, well 2 rather tall piles of stones but if they want to call it a tower then who am I to argue.
Wind whipping up it was a long flattish slog over towards the next hill in our sights, Loadpot Hill.  With a short semi-steep trek to the top we were soon at the trig point and by this time I was ready for some lunch but that would have to wait until we found a bit of shelter as the wind would have whipped my lunch out my hand.  Luckily the views were outstanding with St Sunday's Crag and the Fairfield Hills striking in the distance.
Making our way over to the last hill of the day Wether Hill we found a stone structure that would provide a little bit of shelter for lunch.  Today we had home made scotch eggs and a bar of chocolate. The scotch eggs were delicious and after a quick bite and a summit selfie and a lunch view of the day we were back on our way to Wether Hill.
4 hills done and we were back on our way to the car.  Not quite the same route but one that took us up over Loadpot Hill again but then followed the Roman Road practically back to where we started.   Again we were dodging showers and once or twice felt a spit of rain on our backs but the black clouds that followed us along the path never materialised into much and by the time were were about a mile away from the car our raincoats came off and gloves and hats banished to our rucksacks.

Great walk and 4 more ticks.  Thats Chris on 206 with 8 to go and my tally is 180 with 34 to go.   Hopefully this year we'll reach that magic 214 and have a bit of a celebration.

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