17 June 2017

Bikes on Fells

Weather forecast = scorchio means only 1 thing for weekend plans and it usually involves Bob, a campsite and a trip to the lakes (or the coast if we're that way inclined!). This weekend however it was the lakes and we decided to take the bikes with the purpose of having a tootle out on the hills.
Wallace Farm Campsite was the destination in North Cumbria behind Blencathra and Skiddaw and it was a lovely little site with immaculate facilities and views up into Scotland.  Friday night we ate chilli that we'd brought with us and planned our route for the following day.

There seemed to be a good track called Back o Skiddaw through an area of the fells that we knew well and had walked one or two times.  The track didn't take us up into the high fells but high enough that it was a challenge.

So Saturday morning dawned with the sound of birdsong and with our sandwiches packed and water bottles filled we headed off.
The first part of the trail took us along the roads towards the base of the fells for a few miles and then it was bike track all the way.  The sun was already out and the sky was littered with clouds and the temperature rising but it was lovely to be winding round the roads with the breeze in our faces but mouths firmly closed as its easy to have the misfortune of swallowing a fly yuk!
The initial track was pretty undulating and wound its way round the hill towards a waterfall where we stopped for a bit of lunch.  The water rushing down was so tempting to pop in for a dip as it was pretty hot out there but too far down the embankment to reach the cooling spray.
The track wound its way round and down the valley towards Skiddaw house and then upwards again through the next Valley.  This was the pattern of the day.  Up and down and over varied terrain, some easy to navigate and some that rattled your bones so much it put the fear of death in you.  The views however were breathtaking.

By the time the afternoon was coming to a close we were on the last part of the track which was pretty decent to ride on
and very soon it opened out into a road which took us down to the village of Threlkeld where there was a couple of pubs.  1 very large soda water and lime with lots of ice went down rather nicely.

The last part of ride over the 10+ miles home was pretty much on road, initially up the A66 to where the Caldbeck turning was and then through nice country roads through Mungrisdale Village until finally we were back at the campsite.  Exhausted, parched, starving, sunburned but thrilled at having an excellent day out.

Roll on the next adventure...................

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